Linking as text, not a pasted URL

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Linking as text, not a pasted URL

Post by MordEth »

This is a tutorial that I wanted to get up from our previous home that I should have done quite a long time ago, but I can only plead just how busy I have been trying to catch up with everything I missed last week while on business travel.

The example below is from one of Wolfe’s transfers. They will work with any other URL, so if you are trying to link from eBay or some other site, you can follow the same directions.

Where My Caravan Has Rested” by Rosa & Carmela Ponselle (The Ponzillo Sisters)

(Note: You may wish to format things differently than I have done above. This is just the example that I am going to use.)

The centered text above would look like this as BBCode:[/color]]Where My Caravan Has Rested” by Rosa & Carmela Ponselle (The Ponzillo Sisters)

I have put the link tags/URL and link text in bold, colored to match the names of the parts in this sentence. Hopefully this makes it somewhat clearer.

Although you do not need to use the URL button provided above the message box (when you write a post), it may make it easier for you.

For example, you can type the title like this:

Where My Caravan Has Rested

And then, highlight that entire line and click the button, which would give you: [quote] ... ocator]URL).

Please use any of the contact links below my posts to send me a message if you have any questions.

— MordEth

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