Enlarging/reducing page contents in your browser

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Enlarging/reducing page contents in your browser

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Jack brings up a good point that I should address as a brief tutorial:
PhonoJack wrote:Now will you please tell everyone how to make the text larger. :-)
The easiest way (currently) would be to get Firefox and use Ctrl (on Windows or Linux) or Cmd (the ‘Apple’ key on Mac) in conjuntion with the - and + keys (to the right of 0 in the row of numbers at the top of the keyboard). So if you hold Ctrl (Cmd) down and press -, it makes the content of the page smaller (zoom out), and if you hold Ctrl (Cmd) down and press +, it enlarges the contents of the page.

You can use Ctrl(Cmd)+0 to reset it to the page defaults.

These same keyboard shortcuts (with Ctrl) also work in Internet Explorer 7 (I tested it in VMware).

If you would rather use the menu items, in Firefox it is ViewZoom; in Internet Explorer it is ViewText Size.

If you are using a different browser and are not sure how to do this, please ask me and I will help you with it. (For any Apple’s Safari users, the keyboard shortcuts are the same, but the text size is not in a sub-menu of View. Opera is the same as Firefox, but you have to use the Shift key to hit +.)

Also, if you are using Internet Explorer (the AOL browser is Internet Explorer, it’s just a custom interface over it), let me reiterate that unless you want to infect your computer (and your anti-virus will not always protect you from this) you want to be using a different browser. Check out Firefox, Safari, Opera or Chrome (not necessarily in that order). They are all free, and all of them are better and more secure browsers than Internet Explorer. ;)

As always, should you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me via any of the means linked on this page (e-mail, private message or instant messenger).

Your friendly internet daemon,

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