Malwarebytes "scam site" alert on TMF

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Malwarebytes "scam site" alert on TMF

Post by AZ* »

I've been a member here for many years, but today I got this alert. I wonder why. :?:
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Re: Malwarebytes "scam site" alert on TMF

Post by Curt A »

Malwarebytes is the problem... they use a method called "whitelisting" to limit your access to sites they are unsure of. It doesn't mean there is a problem with the Forum, it just hasn't been approved for access by Malwarebytes... It's supposed to keep you safe, but it is an annoying set of micromanagement steps.

Definition of whitelisting: Whitelisting is a cybersecurity strategy under which a user can only take actions on their computer that an administrator has explicitly allowed in advance. Instead of trying to keep one step ahead of cyberattackers to identify and block malicious code, IT staff instead compiles a list of approved applications that a computer or mobile device can access. In essence, the user has access to only a limited set of functionality, and what they can access has been deemed safe by the administrator (Malwarebytes).
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