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Edison Bell Gem
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Author:  Alanbain [ Tue Jul 31, 2018 10:45 am ]
Post subject:  Edison Bell Gem

I recently acquired an Edison Bell Gem as a kit of rusty parts. Having cleaned everything up I have something looking a bit like a phonograph. Some key parts are unfortunately missing and will need making but fortunately I have a small machine shop at my disposal with gear and thread cutting equipment. I'm wondering if anyone might have one and be able to fill me in with detail (or maybe some photographs):

1. Leadscrew and gear. How many teeth should the LS gear have? What diameter and pitch is the thread? I do have the half nut so I can measure the pitch, but would have to guess diameter.

2. Governor shaft. I have the weights and springs but not the shaft. It appears to go through the middle and be locked in place by an 8BA screw at one end? It also seems to have a pinion of unknown number of teeth.

3. Winding gear. I have the winding shaft and gear but this appears to engage a gear on the spring shaft which is missing. How many teeth should it have?

4. Drive belt. What should it be made of ? Leather I guess, glued together with a scarf joint?

5. Reproducer. This is missing; probably a hunt for on ebay item, but there seem to be a lot of models out there, what would be the correct one?

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