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I have updated my previous post (above) with my impressions on seeing and hearing the Balmain yesterday.


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Impressive! Amazing!
ITOH, I want to remark, for your comfort in next trial, that the Meltrope iii rubber collar fits snugly and perfectly on the backplate collar of the hmv no4 and 5a soundboxes. You only have to remove the two screws, extract the original rubber collar (with the brass insert) and put in its place one Meltrope rubber collar. The inner diameter fits also snugly on the hmv tonearm; there is a different type of collar for the narrow swan neck -1925- and for the larger 1927 bore. The outer diameter is the same, as both soundboxes use the same diameter as the Meltrope (iii).
An added advantage of not having the inner brass insert with the pin, is that you can adjust easily the needle angle on the record.
I use those red rubber Meltrope collars in my most loved hmv machines. I find it much better than the original.
When I want to use the Meltrope, I take the rubber from the hmv and put it in the meltrope. I only have two or three collars, one of each type. So I have to share them between the different soundboxes.

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