Horn gramophones to identify and discuss

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Re: Horn gramophones to identify and discuss

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nostalgia wrote: Sat Jun 05, 2021 6:30 am What do you think about this Pathéphone. Is it all genuine, apart from the Peter Pan soundbox?
I prefer this as it is. A really great looking gramophone.

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Re: Horn gramophones to identify and discuss

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I return to the Crown horn machine, detailed in a few posts above here. I collected it yesterday, but there are absolutely no marks on it telling its origin. Do you still think this is an original Crown? The horn is as thin as horns on crapophones, even if it shines. The machine has as double spring motor, and it seems to be original to the machine. I upload some more photos, so you can have a look, if someone has some comments, please bring them on.
juni 2021 053.jpg
juni 2021 052.jpg
juni 2021 051.jpg
juni 2021 050.jpg
juni 2021 049.jpg
juni 2021 048.jpg
juni 2021 047.jpg
juni 2021 046.jpg
juni 2021 045.jpg
juni 2021 044.jpg
juni 2021 043.jpg
juni 2021 042.jpg
juni 2021 041.jpg
juni 2021 040.jpg

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