Meltrope III ball bearing size

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Re: Meltrope III ball bearing size

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Are you using standard 3mm gaskets? The Meltrope III uses 3.2mm gaskets, so a smaller gasket could cause the needle bar to rest at an angle

Another possible cause is the needle bar is is bent where it meets the diaphragm. Easily corrected by bending it back to shape, but that could end up breaking the whole thing if you're not careful.

If you're not getting much treble, I would think the faceplate is on too tight. Try easing off the bottom two screws just a hair and see how that performs. Perhaps replace the felt washers you've put in with something thinner and see if that does the trick? Lack of treble could also be caused by that odd angle of the needle bar, exerting pressure on the diaphragm at rest, which seriously affects how it sounds

Hope this helps

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Re: Meltrope III ball bearing size

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Thanks for your advice.
I suppose that at a given moment I will come back to the Meltrope and try to do something about it.

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Re: Meltrope III ball bearing size

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I greatly appreciate your help, but please read my OP! :D

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