FRANK JAMES 1940-2020

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Re: FRANK JAMES 1940-2020

Post by Steve »

For me personally it was a particularly bittersweet and poignant moment to witness Frank's interment in the beautifully peaceful cemetery where he now rests with his beloved wife, Jan. We had some time before the church ceremony began to reflect on the people we've lost.

I'll never forget Jan and Frank - two of the most warm and hospitable people I've ever had the privilege of knowing. Throughout the day my memory was full of all the riotous conversations the three of us used to have over bangers and mash whenever I paid a visit to see Frank.

I still can't quite believe they've both gone.

It was good to catch up with both Alistair and Roger afterwards.

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Re: FRANK JAMES 1940-2020

Post by old country chemist »

Yesterday was a most memorable one, for me, Roger and Steve. I see they have placed on the forum their thoughts. The lovely little church high up, in the Ross -o-Wye area. was almost full for the service for Frank. A no frills service, (just as he would have wanted it), gave several of the family a chance to air their memories of our old friend. A couple of hymns and readings made up the service.
After that we all arrived at the village Hall, for a sumptuous afternoon tea, with endless amounts of sandwiches and lovely cakes. The hall was buzzing with folk chatting, and quite a few listening to Frank's first EMG gramophone. Roger and I worked the machine, and Anni and Peter James, (son and daughter-in-law), had brought along a large box of part of Frank's 78s collection. We chose quite a few, mainly jazz records, interspersed with an occasional vocal or instrumental record, and one or two of our own that we had brought along.
Anni's daughter, whose name I have forgotten, a very pleasant young lady, enquired about how to use the machine. I showed her how to sharpen a bamboo needle with the snippers, and also to sharpen a thorn with the Davey sharpener. Roger showed about how many turns to wind it up, and how to insert the needle and play a record. I have a feeling that the EMG will burst into life at Yartleton Farm more frequently now! I always like to encourage youngsters in the art of our wonderful hobby, the reproduction of sound, acoustically.
It was good to see Steve again, as it had been a while since we last met. He looked taller, but it must have been my memory. I think he knew Frank and Jan even longer than myself, and I see he has placed his appreciations of the forum.
We shall never see the likes of Frank James again. I have been very happy to be classed as one of his friends, He will not be forgotten.

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Re: FRANK JAMES 1940-2020

Post by emgcr »

Very many thanks both for painting a picture of the day which is much appreciated as not being able to be present. Frank is, however, very much in our thoughts and will remain so for many years to come.

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Re: FRANK JAMES 1940-2020

Post by chunnybh »

I wish I could have made it, sounds like a great way to say goodbye. I spent the day playing records in the memory of Frank. And yes, he will still be with us for a very long time.
Cheers to the EMG Guru!

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