Could someone explain?

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Could someone explain?

Post by phonodesbois »

This « thing » just sold on eBay France for 181€ and I just don’t understand why…
( ... 1438.l2649)
The case is not a phonograph/gramophone case, there is no way to use it to play cylinder as there is no place for a belt and the incomplete back bracket comes from a Pathé A disk machine.
So, I suppose that the motor should be extremely rare but for which machine?
Any idea?

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Re: Could someone explain?

Post by drh »

Well, only the buyer can say with certainty, but at a guess, somebody wanted the parts for other machines. Certainly it's not a working machine and can't be made into one, but the mandrel could have value by itself, being a Pathé standard size with slip-on salon size sleeve, and the motor looks good if it happens to match one somebody needs--can't help you about which machine it might fit, but it looks to be well made.

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