Victor 9-40 that was on eBay Portland

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Re: Victor 9-40 that was on eBay Portland

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Do you have a photo of the original caps you replaced? I'd love to see them.

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Re: Victor 9-40 that was on eBay Portland

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I would imagine the original caps looked like the group of 5 boxes seen in the photo below which represent two wider box 4 uf caps on the right and three narrower box 2 uf caps on the left. Apparently the new replacement caps for the 4 uf caps use two 10 uf caps in series for each original cap, which results in the equivalent of 5 uf. Also seen are the added resistors to each cap in series to balance the voltage on each of the capacitors in series of each pair. Another member has indicated that he now installs the replacement caps in the original boxes to not give up the original look of the amp. I’m gonna try it on two amps that are for the two VE 9-55s I’m working on.


Good luck with your project.

Anyone else,

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Re: Victor 9-40 that was on eBay Portland

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That's a wonderful story with a great ending!
I hope your back has fully recovered.
I agree the horn without a grillcloth looks fine as-is, and better than a bad replacement!
Thanks for the details!
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