"Intriguing" soundbox on UK eBay

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"Intriguing" soundbox on UK eBay

Post by epigramophone »

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Intriguing-V ... %7Ciid%3A1

The seller describes this soundbox as intriguing and of unknown make. It is certainly unusual with what might be a tortoiseshell diaphragm. Can anyone identify it?

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Re: "Intriguing" soundbox on UK eBay

Post by Inigo »

Seems very interesting... Apart of the strange carey diaphragm, it seems that the method of attachment of the needlebar to the sbx case it's also cleverly designed. There's a photo disassembled, and we can see a support plate with two screws that seen to be isolated with rubber rings or something, and has two screwed small leaf springs to hold the needlebar pivots at the sides... Seems a clever arrangement! The idea of isolating the needlebar suspension from the body introduces an extra compliance... It also seems to provide an extra needlebar and suspension plate. Seems an experimental item...
I don't know what the performance of the Carey diaphragm may be, but I'd bet this sbx could sound very well with another diaphragm (glass, aluminium...)

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