Kalamazoo Duplex on eBay

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Kalamazoo Duplex on eBay

Post by cleveland1996 »

Hi everyone...I just noticed a very nice Kalamazoo Duplex on ebay..I believe that it is one of Raphaels’s machines...Gorgeous!!
It would sure be a great addition to someone’s collection..Too bad I already have one..Check it out

https://www.ebay.com/itm/ANTIQUE-KALAMA ... 4621709010?

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Re: Kalamazoo Duplex on eBay

Post by pallophotophone »

I like the looks of this machine and wouldn't mind owning one. But I can't help but wonder whether or not the original designers ever thought of the fact that one horn is out of phase with the other and consequently would give lower volume when the listener was directly in front of both horns.

Just thinking outside the box.

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Re: Kalamazoo Duplex on eBay

Post by Lucius1958 »

Beautiful restoration!

- Bill

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Re: Kalamazoo Duplex on eBay

Post by TinfoilPhono »

That is gorgeous. And a bargain. I sold mine for $7,000 --- to a dealer.

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Re: Kalamazoo Duplex on eBay

Post by Raphael »

Thanks for the kind words. The market prices for these Duplexes have gyrated over the years; the only reason I am selling this so low is because I have an all-original one in superb condition that I keep for myself. The original one sold for about $8,000 a few years back and I then acquired it from the estate along with about 500 other phonographs. I only kept three pieces from the collection, of which the Duplex is one. A wonderful display piece, for sure.

If anybody here is interested in the one now on eBay, a direct sale of $4200 would do the trick. It includes a rare original Kalamazoo Duplex record and a repro instruction booklet.

619 ps.jpg

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