EMG Cheltenham

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Re: EMG Cheltenham

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Looking at the auction website earlier on the day of the sale I noted that the current bid on the Expert was the same as the hammer price, so I guess that this may have been a commission bid direct with the action house and that no internet bids were received at the time of the lot which bears out what your friend posted.
At the auction of the 2 EMG's last month I registered for telephone bidding. Living out in the sticks the internet is rather unreliable at the best of times. The commission charges are also rather less than internet bidding.

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Re: EMG Cheltenham

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Yes indeed. The actual sale price bid was up there for a day or two before the formal auction started. It would seem, as you say, that no internet bids on the day were received at all.

I quite agree regarding telephone bids---safer and cheaper but there is often a limit as to how many they can cope with.

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