Orchorsol portable for auction in UK.

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Orchorsol portable for auction in UK.

Post by epigramophone »

This is a late example with springs rather than adjusting nuts on the soundbox.
The auctioneers have failed to identify it as an Orchorsol because most of the lid transfer has worn away, nor have they provided a pre-sale estimate, but what they have done is impose an eye watering 35.4% Buyers Premium. Unlike research and valuation, this requires no effort on their part.

https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auct ... 9e00da2716
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Re: Orchorsol portable for auction in UK.

Post by Ahmed »

I don't understand auction houses anymore. This is a machine I'd like to bid on, BUT:

- I don't know what the starting bid is
- I only have one picture to judge its condition
- No comments on whether it's working
- I don't know how much it'd cost me to get it shipped
- I've got no come back if I buy it and it's all absolutely falling to bits

.. yet I'm expected to fork out over 35% for the privilege of buying it from them!

No sir, thank you very much, that does not compute!

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