RCA Victor 7- something in Minnesota

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RCA Victor 7- something in Minnesota

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Not really sure which this is, but as I remember they're not too common. It's missing the pot metal reproducer, and is definitely a project, but hey, fifty bucks, right?

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Re: RCA Victor 7- something in Minnesota

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That's the VV-7-11 -- http://www.victor-victrola.com/7-11.htm -- one of the most unusual Victrolas of the Orthophonic era. The radio was plug-in powered, while the turntable (normally) was powered by crank.

The phonograph portion basically used the same "guts" as the VV-2-55 portable fitted into the boxy upper cabinet, with a rounded reflector at the back to send the sound forward, using the playing chamber as the horn's mouth. I've never heard one in person, but have been told that they have about the same range as the VV-2-55.

There are hundreds of videos posted on YouTube showing the phonograph portion of this model playing. For whatever reason, this site -- https://www.youtube.com/user/VictrolaJa ... query=7-11 -- only showcases acoustically recorded records, or harsh sounding off-brand early electric records.


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