Victrola Revere? --$200 in Bloomingtion Il

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Re: Victrola Revere? --$200 in Bloomingtion Il

Post by Kirkwood »

I think Skihawx has a point, the one that's shown for sale could have been refinished. This one has the original shaded finish Victor used at the time. Also note the one for sale has lost a few pieces that form the pad foot at the ends of the legs, which you see intact here.

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Re: Victrola Revere? --$200 in Bloomingtion Il

Post by Inigo »

Wow, that one looks amazing!

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Re: Victrola Revere? --$200 in Bloomingtion Il

Post by VanEpsFan1914 »

The Revere looks good enough that I would personally have just gone & got it if it were near me--the unique design and down-facing horn is pretty cool, even if it doesn't sound perfect.

If it wasn't for the cranks on them you'd never know they were phonographs. It'd be fun to display small phonographs such as Edisons, or other neat memorabilia, on top of them.

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Re: Victrola Revere? --$200 in Bloomingtion Il

Post by PeterF »

Obviously a Revere (Boston pronunciation: Rah-VEE-yah) needs to be positioned over a hard floor (reflective) rather than a carpeted (absorbent) surface, or the highs will be lost. The orthophonic horns are quite directional for higher frequencies - squat in front of a credenza sometime and it’s a remarkable difference - so you need the highs to bounce off the floor back up to your ears.

I think that 45 degree board is a great idea, and will try it next time I visit my pal who owns this model.

If you are near it, please buy it. Price is real right and it looks good even if refinished. Prior comments on its space efficiency and ease of use are right on target, too. And all orthophonic-era spring motors can be easily and reversibly replaced with the contemporaneous Victor electric motor, if that’s a concern.

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