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I wasn't sure where to put this, but I think it's a scam, and I will believe that until I hear from this member or this person where I bought a Victor IV motor spindle from.

Here is the link to the member and still ZERO posts that contacted me about a third part seller with the spindle.


This is the private message I got from the member above:

Thomas has Turntable Spindle for Victor II for sale in good condition Here’s his email clerathom@gmail.com

It ended up where Clera didn't have the correct spindle and I showed her what I needed and it was left that way for a while.
Just recently though, I get another email from her asking if I'm still interested and I show here again what I need.
She now says I have the correct spindle and send her 80 bucks for it and provide proof of payment form PayPal.
That was on the 9th, and still have not received a tracking number or anything from this Clera person that she even has sent anything.

Here name that shows up on my PayPal account is Margaret Mwangi.

At this point the member in the link should be banned from this sight, that would be JMK3

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Re: Untrusted Member

Post by Inigo »

Yes, it is a scam. Similar emails have been received by other members which commented here about that Thomas having parts in stock etc... And it is the same tactic: the one who contacts you refers to that third person with Thomas in his name etc. But that someone has entered the forum is less frequent. Thanks for the info. Let's hope our administrators ban this member... You can write directly to them about this....
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Re: Untrusted Member

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You may want to read this thread......

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