Wanted: Palida Luna - Lydia Mendoza

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Wanted: Palida Luna - Lydia Mendoza

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Some may know that I'm a luthier by trade, and I specialise in long scale ladder braced 12 string guitars based on the early Stella guitars made by the Oscar Schmidt company and guitars by similar builders of the time, I've been eagerly seeking out early 12 string artists and where possible finding the recordings on 78, there are obviously the blues artists, Leadbelly, Blind Willie McTell, Barbecue Bob, George Carter, Seth Richard, but also a couple other artists who played long scale 12 string guitars and Lydia Mendoza was one, in her earlier recordings she played a long scale 12 string guitar made by the Acosta family in San Antonio, Texas, I'm hoping to find a 78 copy of Palida Luna which is one of my favorite of Mendoza's recordings if it doesn't work out too expensive, it was released on Bluebird and Victor, I don't mind which label it's on.

I may also be interested in other of Mendoza's 78 recordings, and indeed the other blues artists mentioned, though some are prohibitively expensive for me right now, but in some cases I don't mind chips, cracks, wear etc, Gallis pole by leadbelly is one I'd quite like to find


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