SOLD: (15) Edison 4 Minute Wax, Some Nice Titles - $95 + Shipping

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SOLD: (15) Edison 4 Minute Wax, Some Nice Titles - $95 + Shipping

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All play well and have correct, original boxes and lids. Most are in nice condition but a couple have chipped edges (and are noted):

"That Railroad Rag" (Ragtime Song) Edward Meeker (869)
"Lucy Anna Lou" (Coon Duet) Collins and Harlan (550)
"Two Happy Darky Boys" Golden and Hughes (403) Tear in lid & box bottom loose
"Meet Me To-Night in Dreamland" New York Military Band (639)
"If the Wind Had Only Blown the Other Way" (Comic Song) Grace Cameron (204)
"Whistling Pete" (Vaudeville Sketch) Golden and Hughes (842)
"There's a Woman in the Case" (Vaudeville Specialty) Murray K. Hill
"Ah, Moon of My Delight in a Persian Garden" Reed Miller (920)
"Grandma" Byron G. Harlan (58)
"I Want a 'Regular Pal' For a 'Gal'" Walter Van Brunt (910)
"Good-Bye, Rose" Walter Van Brunt (1109) Box bottom loose
"The Oceana Roll" Billy Murray (846) Missing lid
"That Mesmerizing Mendelssohn Tune" (Coon Duet) Collins and Harlan (395) Small edge chips, not affecting playing
"That Mysterious Rag" Premier Quartette (893) ⅛" depression in grooves at start, not affecting playing
"Every Little Movement" (From Madam Sherry) Miss Narelle, Mr. Potter and Chorus (582) Edge chips, not affecting playing
Box with lid only: "Red Pepper Rag" New York Military Band (665)

All edge chips are on the "start" end, not the titled end.
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Re: FOR SALE: (15) Edison 4 Minute Wax, Some Nice Titles - $95 + Shipping

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PM sent with question

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