SOLD! (Really!) Reducing My Collection Moving Soon -Various

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SOLD! (Really!) Reducing My Collection Moving Soon -Various

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As we downsize and prepare for a move, I have about 85 disc records and 16 Blue Amberol records to sell at a very low price. The choices are to buy are the discs as a lot, the cylinders as a lot, or both lots together. I will not list disc titles but most records are pre-1930. No shipping, but if you live a respectable distance from Lubbock we could work out delivery for a little extra money.
These are the cylinder numbers: 22536, 11708, 11705, 3759, 3571, 3491, 3217, 2815, 2496, 2204, 2147, 1882, 1776, 1715, 1642, and 1557. They are all in playable, some worn and some in better condition. I can also include a few empty 12 and 10 inch albums. Album conditions will vary somewhat.

Disc Record Lot: $65 Cylinder Record Lot: $50 Both lots: Make offer (Yes, I got less than requested, but they are sold!)
Two antique stores bought all the records.
Don M.
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Re: For Sale: Reducing My Collection Moving Soon -Various

Post by drh »

I did a bit of digging, and for the benefit of others who may be wondering:

22536 is Koleo by Toots Paka's Hawaiians ... linder1406
11705 is Porilaisten marssi, sung in Finnish by Juho Koskelo ... linder1428

In my cursory searching, I was unable to find anything about 11708, but Koskelo is in Girard & Barnes (which, curiously, indicates 11705 is a 2-minute cylinder); his cylinders listed there leave off at 11707, but somewhere along the line I annotated my copy of the book with information that one of his diamond disc sides also was issued on BA 11711, and accordingly I'd guess 11708 is also in the Finnish series, and likely by Koskelo. Wikipedia has this to say about him:

Juho Evert Koskelo (also known as John Koskelo,[1][2] July 23, 1870 – November 7, 1942),[3] was a Finnish-American singer and cellist. He was the most popular Finnish-American singer in the 1910s.[3]

Koskelo, who was born in Kuopio, started his career as a military musician and later played with the Berlin Philharmonic.[1] In Berlin he met Heikki Klemetti, who suggested that he go to America. Koskelo gave his first American performance in Calumet, Michigan in 1910,[1] after which he toured, singing in Finnish and German.[4] He moved to New York City later in 1910 and immediately started to make recordings for His Master's Voice, Columbia Records, the Victor Talking Machine Company, the Gramophone Company, and Edison Records. As a singer, he made at least 112 recordings between 1910 and 1923; among them were 8 issued as Edison Blue Amberol cylinders[5]. Mostly he sang folk songs, marches, hymns and industrial folk music. Some of his songs were written by the famous cuplé singer J. Alfred Tanner.[3]

Koskelo's career ended because of a stroke in 1923, and he died as a forgotten artist at a hospital in New York in 1942.[6]

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Re: For Sale: Reducing My Collection Moving Soon -Various

Post by Inigo »

wow! thanks! ;)

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