WANTED: 2-3 7" Victor Records

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WANTED: 2-3 7" Victor Records

Post by cweastlick »

I'm looking for a few 7" Victor records I can play and display on my Victor E.

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Re: WANTED: 2-3 7" Victor Records

Post by donniej »

I have a few 7" Victors available as reproductions. The titles that are available are below.

Victor (dog) 225 A Rag Time Skeedaddle Geo. Schweinfest
Victor (Johnson) A-921 The Way to Kiss a Girl Dan W. Quinn
Victor (Johnson) A-917 Nationality Medley The American Quartet
Victor (Johnson) A-314 An Arkansas Huskin Bee Sousa's Band
Victor Monarch A-62 The Ravings of a Maniac E. Hanlon
Victor Monarch A-583 The Laughing Song Geo. W. Johnson

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