SOLD: 78s Ethnic European Lot - $20

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SOLD: 78s Ethnic European Lot - $20

Post by Roaring20s »

$20 plus Media Mail, in the USA only.
Please PM with your shipping address.

The provided sound links are for content only, not made from my discs. ;)

Thanks for looking!
Salzburger Bauern-Kapelle
Columbia, E6056, V+
Bierpolka, mit Gesang / Kirta am Land, mit Gesang ... -Bierpolka ... ta_am_land

Russian Cathedral Quartette
Columbia, E-4041, V+
Festal Hymn (Zadostoynik) for Christmas
Today the Virgin (Дева днесь), Christmas Song ... l=english/ ... u6s9v9epr1

Columbia Orkiestra
Columbia, E-2221, V+
Cieszmy Się (Grandfather) / Dziadunio (Let Us Be Merry) ... estra.flac ... estra.flac

Andrej A. Gellert
Victor 78448, V+
Veselý Pastier (The Merry Shepherd) parts 1 & 2 ... CT_EQ.flac ... CT_EQ.flac

Orkiestra Deta Fr. Przybylskiego
Columbia, 18117-F, V+
Pod Mostem Warszawy. Walc (Under the Warsaw Bridge) (scratch on second half)
Po Naszemu Polka (In Our Own Way)

Orkiestra Braci Kipkowskich
Columbia, 18161-F, V+
Natalia Polka / Marja Walc

Orkiestra Deta Fr. Przybylskiego
Columbia, 18162-F, V+
Wojtek W Zalotach, Oberek ((Wojtek in Courtship)) / W Zielonym Gaiku, Polka ... lotach1926

Orkiestra Braci Kipkowskich
Columbia, 18163-F, V+
Zawierucha, Mazur / Edzia Polka

Kirilloff's Russian Balalaika Orchestra
Victor, 79046, V+
Faun Waltz / Troika And A Lady

Kirilloff's Russian Balalaika Orchestra
Victor, 79207, V+
Amidst The Gay Ball / Cossack Girl

late 1920s
Pastor Frank Mangs
Victor, V-24004, V+, small scratch sounds 10 times
PREDIKAN - del 1& 2 (text I: a Joh. brev 2:17.)

Slovenská Orkestra Michael Lapchaka
Victor, 24-80647, V+
Garafia - Čardáš (Czardas)
Nebrem nesejem - Čardáš (Czardas) ... 47-b-41488

Andrew Pelak
Victor, 24-80749, V+
Tebe dobre, tebe dobre, a mne zle (You Are Feeling Well, But I Don’t)
Mila moja kde si bola včera (My Darling, Where Were You Yesterday)

Scandinavian Bell Ringers (Temple Carillon Players)
Victor, V-20001, V+
Gånglåt från Helsingland (two small needle drops) / Rose Dreams (folk fiddle - no bells)
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Re: FOR SALE: 78s Ethnic European Lot - $20

Post by Curt A »

These are interesting historical artifacts from pre-WWII Eastern Europe...
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