Another excited new phonograph owner

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Another excited new phonograph owner

Post by Phono-Phan »

I recently stopped in at SweeterTimes candy and antique store in Merrill, WI. The lady there had several boxes of 78s and Edison Diamond Disc records. But, she didn't have anything to play them on. I told her that I had some old phonographs available and she was very excited to see what was available. I sent her some pictures and she fell in love with a heavily oak grained Bush and Lane. She told me that she would love to have one but has no way of transporting it. I told her that I would deliver it. She then expressed interest in the Edison B250 I also sent her pictures of. She ended up buying both. I delivered them yesterday and she was VERY excited. I also gave her a crate full of records and a stack of Diamond Discs. I noticed one of the records on top was an Irish Jig and asked her if she was Irish. She proudly said YES. I showed her the record and she had me play it right away. We ended up finding several more Irish records in the crate. She had me put the phonographs on either side of her check out counter. I am sure that the rest of her day was filled with playing the records I brought and the ones she already had. If you are ever in the Merrill WI area, stop in and visit with her. Her shop is at 409 West Main Street. She is very proud of her two, new to her, phonographs. And, the candy is awesome!!!!!
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Re: Another excited new phonograph owner

Post by dzavracky »

That's awesome! Her place looks really neat, definitely the kind of place I'd stop for candy :)


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Re: Another excited new phonograph owner

Post by Roaring20s »

Sweet deal! 8-)

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Re: Another excited new phonograph owner

Post by 52089 »

I looked at their website and they have pictures of an Edison Standard and what looks like a Victor VV-IV or VV-VI, so they're not exactly new to phonographs...

Still, it would be fun to visit.

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Re: Another excited new phonograph owner

Post by Granby »

This represents a great effort to get people interested in the hobby! I have found that the "general public" really is interested in phonographs when you can get their attention for a few minutes.... My wife and I have participated in some historical events, home tours, etc., and have seen first hand that people are absolutely fascinated with these "old victrolas" ...... and they really don't care a thing about rarity or value. I think there is a positive future!

- Chris

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Re: Another excited new phonograph owner

Post by AmberolaAndy »

Merrill WI huh? You didn’t see any giant spiders or monster trucks while you were there? 😂

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