My new machine!

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My new machine!

Post by PeanutTheRabbit »

Earlier this week I posted a topic requesting submissions for early victor and Columbia machines, thank you to all who participated…I am proud to announce that I have picked a Victor E as my next machine! Supposedly owned by a collector with the last name Fabrizio? from what I understand he’s an author too?

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Re: My new machine!

Post by jmad7474 »

Congrats, that's a beauty!! The seller you are referring to is Tim Fabrizio. He is the author of several well-known antique phono books and he also runs the excellent (and highly recommended) website Phonophan. I last spoke with him about four years ago when I needed an original 24" horn for my Victor V, and found him to be very helpful and kind. Enjoy your Type E - anything Tim sells will last for another century before needing any additional service!

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Re: My new machine!

Post by gramophone-georg »

Great choice, peanut- Fabrizio does a swell job on these too! :)
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