Instructions for Victor Fibre Needle Cutter

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Instructions for Victor Fibre Needle Cutter

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For anyone who might want this. Here are the Instructions for the Victor Fibre Needle Cutter. This is from May of 1913. That's about it from this end on the subject of Fibre needles and needle cutters. I do believe probably everyone has had their fill of this subject for now.


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Re: Instructions for Victor Fibre Needle Cutter

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How to Operate the

Victor Fibre Needle Cutter

  1. To repoint Victor Fibre Needles:

    1. Place the needle in the needle slot, as shown in Fig. 1, with the point towards the front of cutter, then gently push the needle towards cutting blade until the point touches the needle guide on lever.
    2. Hold the needle firmly in place and press lever down with steady stroke. This will repoint the needle. (Should the blade fail to perfectly repoint the needle, turn the adjusting screw a little to the right. (See Fig. 2).
  2. To resharpen Blade:

    1. Remove the screw at top of top blade (See Fig. 1). Then lift blade from lever.
    2. Resharpen blade with oil stone.
  3. To replace Blade:

    1. Place top blade in position on lever with beveled side of blade next to lever, as shown in Fig. 3, with slot over adjusting screw.
    2. Insert screw at top of top blade. Make sure that this is screwed up tightly.
    3. Now adjust tension of top blade by means of adjusting screw until pressure of top blade on lower blade is sufficient to insure cutting a perfect point on needle.
As the blade wears off, due to resharpening, release screw in top blade and push blade downward until cutting edge of top blade goes slightly below cutting edge of lower blade. Then screw up tightly.

New blades may be purchased from any Victor dealer at 25c each.

Victor Talking Machine Co.

Camden, N. J.

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