Featured Phonograph VV - J1-80

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Featured Phonograph VV - J1-80

Post by Victrolacollector »

Make: Victor Talking Machine Company, Japan
Model: VV J 1-80
Year(s) Made: ?
Original Cost: Unknown
Turntable/Mandrel: 12"
Motor: Single Spring Motor (similar to motor in VV 2-55)
Reproducer/Sound-Box: Orthophonic
Horn Dimensions: N/A
Reproduction Parts: None
Current Value: ?
Interesting Facts: Japanese machine, uses many of the characteristics of the
VV 1-70 and VV 1-90.

Favorite Characteristics: The size
VV J 1-80.jpg
VV J 1-80.jpg (12.17 KiB) Viewed 1279 times

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Re: Featured Phonograph VV - J1-80

Post by alang »

Thank you very much for sharing. Very interesting to see such a machine outside of Japan. Does it have a small folded orthophonic horn like the VV 1-90 or a regular horn like the VV 1-70? Could you please share some more detail pictures and also from the motor and horn?

Thank you

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