Featured Phonograph Number 125--Columbia Grafonola Grand

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Featured Phonograph Number 125--Columbia Grafonola Grand

Post by Phono-Phan »

Make: Columbia
Model: Grafonola 350
Serial #: B1396
Year(s) Made: This one has a packing slip dated Feb. 27, 1916
Original Cost: ?
Case/Cabinet Size:
Turntable/Mandrel: 12"
Reproducer/Sound-Box: Columbia
Motor: Universal Electric, set up for AC
Horn Dimensions:
Reproduction Parts: Delrin governor gear and some replacement cloth covered wiring.
Current Value: ? Please PM me with some input on this.
Interesting Facts: This phonograph came with some original paperwork and has its original finish. This is the link to the original post I submitted about it. http://forum.talkingmachine.info/viewto ... 52#p136752
It is definitely an eye popper in person. The color and graining are amazing. My camera doesn't do it justice. This is the link to the other post I submitted. http://forum.talkingmachine.info/viewto ... 27#p159127

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Re: Featured Phonograph Number 125--Columbia Grafonola Grand

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This phonograph literally takes my breath away. It has to be the most attractive grain patterns of any Circassian phonograph from any manufacturer that I have ever seen. Congratulations on a great addition to your collection.


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Re: Featured Phonograph Number 125--Columbia Grafonola Grand

Post by audiophile102 »

I really appreciate the featured phonograph section for referencing important historic phonographs. Few are more important and more beautiful than your Columbia Grafonola Grand. Thank you for posting this and once again, congratulations for acquiring such an important phonograph.
"You can't take the phonographs nor the money with you, but the contentment the phonographs bring may well make your life better, and happier lives make the world a better place."

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