Featured Phonograph No. 136 Columbia Regent (special order)

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Re: Featured Phonograph No. 136 Columbia Regent (special ord

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melvind wrote:
phonogfp wrote:I wonder if the effigies represented someone in the family?
Interesting idea... I kind of think they are just fantasy carvings to look like Gothic or maybe even Renaissance characters. But wouldn't it be interesting if they were members of a family? I doubt we will ever know. There is not anything on or in the machine that would lead to an owner or even a sale. The lack of markings would likely not leave many clues in any archives that might exist from Columbia either. So it is doubtful anything could be found.
Isn't that a shame? Your Regent would be a prime candidate for a machine "With A Known History" as discussed in another thread. This one might have been quite interesting too! :)

George P.

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Re: Featured Phonograph No. 136 Columbia Regent (special ord

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I think I used to own this machine or an identical twin, I purchased it from long time phonograph dealer Rick Wilkins probably 25 years ago , I kept it for a couple of years and then sold it at Union Phonograph show, I don't recall who bought it. I'll look to see if I have any pictures of it when I owned it. It is a very interesting machine ,though I doubt it was a custom , the carved figures are classic gothic figures, vey neat machine.

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