February craigslist fun!

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February craigslist fun!

Post by phonophan79 »

Asian art phonograph

Oriental Victrola Console Widdicomb phonograph - $500 (Staten Island, NY)

Slightly O/T... early electric phonograph with Asian art

Brunswick Model T 6000 S Asian art phonograph/radio - $395 (East Denver, CO)

Why do these crazy rare and expensive Edison's keep popping up in London?


cheap, might be worth reproducer alone?

Victrola Orthophonic Phonograph - $135 (Olympia, WA)

Cute little Columbia

Columbia Phonograph - $150 (Greeley, CO)

Nice looking C-250 ... cheap!

Edison C-250 Diamond Disc Phonograh - $150 (Long Beach, CA)
http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/at ... 80787.html

LOL... two for one, err... more like 1.5 for one. CHOP CHOP! ;-)

2 Edison Diamond Disc Players - $350 (Spring Lake)

Edison Jacobean in dark finish, haven't seen many of these.

Edison D-25 Jacobean Diamond Disc phonograph - $450 (Phoenix, AZ)

An example of over-finishing? I mean, who knows what it looked like before, but look how the framed the logo.

Edison Diamond Disc Phonograph (Long Island, NY)

no "craigslist fun" posting would be complete without... SHABBY CHIC!

Columbia Graphaphone - $300 (Sylacauga, AL)

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Re: February craigslist fun!

Post by schweg »

Why do these crazy rare and expensive Edison's keep popping up in London?

ALL are scams hoping a US buyer will wire money to the UK. A phono I own showed up a while back. According to the UK phono board, Craigslist there is more scams than real items.


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Re: February craigslist fun!

Post by SonnyPhono »

Not sure if any of you have birds or not. But if you do, this would probably be a must!


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Re: February craigslist fun!

Post by bbphonoguy »

Too bad about the shabby chic Columbia. Doesn't it ever occur to the people that do this that they are actually making something look worse?! :roll:

I already commented on the birdcage elsewhere, but I can't imagine a more idiotic household accessory. If anyone comes up with a worse idea than that one I would love to see a photo of it. :lol:

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Re: February craigslist fun!

Post by phonophan79 »

Off-brander #1

Independent phonograph - $300 (ELKRIDGE, MD)

Off-brander #2

Alba phonograph - $100 (Reno/Verdi, NV)

Off-brander #3

Prismaphone phonograph - $140 (Rancho Penasquitos, CA)

Off-brander #4

Stark phonograph - $265 (Laf Square, MO)

What's up with this VV-VIII, is it supposed to look all boxy with a handle like a VV-50?

Victor Victrola VV-VIII - $95 (Laf Square, MO)

Cheap but strange price of $47

Columbia Grafonola - $47 (Anniston, AL)

Collection for sale!

Collection of phonographs-Victor,Edison,Columbia.... (St Cloud, MN)
http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/csw/a ... 02074.html


I am selling my collection of crank machines, all are working perfectly.
most of the reproducers have been rebuilt and sound great.
3 Columbia's
2 Edison's
5 Victor's
1 Silvertone
1 Sonora Baby Grand
1 Brunswick
All are full of records.
Also 2 dancing toys.
I am selling these all together.
Make an offer.

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Re: February craigslist fun!

Post by MTPhono »

That Prismaphone is a nice looking machine - wish it was closer.

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Re: February craigslist fun!

Post by need4art »

Well for those who wonder-I checked on the Edison Jacobean and it is a mess- the top warped and rippled and was glued back on very badly. The record dividers had been ripped out and tossed at some point. The venier while not lifting is really badly checked. The plating is very poor and the reproducer will need a new diamond and a rebuild.

If I was to take this project on is a $100.00 to much to offer


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Re: February craigslist fun!

Post by Brad »


If you believe that you can make it presentable with elbow grease and a few extra dollars I would go for it. I bought my D-25 at auction for $400 and it was in very good shape. This model is fairly rare, though a few has shown up in the past couple of years, so taking it on may be worth it anyway.

One potential caution that maybe someone can add to: Apparently the finish on the Jacobean is basically as wash coat that is easily removed. If you have to do some veneer restoration, it may be difficult to maintain and/or match the finish. Several machines in collections, including mine, had the finished removed long ago as dark color was not well received by the buying public. I personally prefer the modified finish and am happy with it. Others opinions, and as well as yours, may vary on this point :roll:

Here is a picture of mine should you find yourself needing to modify the finish.

Good luck,
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Re: February craigslist fun!

Post by bbphonoguy »

To Brad: I think your Jacobean is a very good looking machine, though I would prefer the darker finish myself. Still, it's one of the most nicely styled Edison disc machines I've seen.

After reading the craigslist ads, I have to say I really like the looks of the Alba machine in Reno. I love that crazy art deco grille!

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Re: February craigslist fun!

Post by estott »

That Prismaphone might be a very good machine indeed. Goldring was a quality supplier of phonoparts in those days and they are still in business making high end turntables.

The Alba is eye catching but $100 is about all you'd want to pay for them- they were a cheap make- but if it works then it's a good buy at the price.

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