Featured Phonograph № 49

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Featured Phonograph № 49

Post by ColoradoPhonograf »

Make: Victor
Model: Model R "Royal"
Serial # 5293
Year(s) Made: 1902
Original Cost: $15.00
Case/Cabinet Size: 10" square at base
Turntable/Mandrel: 7"
Reproducer/Sound-Box: Exhibition Jr.
Motor: Single spring
Horn Dimensions: 16" steel body zinc bell
Reproduction Parts: record hold down
Current Value: ??
Interesting Facts: Purchased from a fellow collector about 12 years ago. Has the original finish and oxidized parts.

Favorite Characteristics: Nice size for exhibit. Oxidized parts have withstood time and elements.


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Re: Featured Phonograph № 49

Post by Edisonfan »

Very cool machine. I wish I had one, but the ones I find are way too expensive.


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Re: Featured Phonograph № 49

Post by phonogfp »

Those Royals are sweethearts, aren't they? The oxidizing on that one looks superb. Very nice horn, too!

George P.

Jerry B.
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Re: Featured Phonograph № 49

Post by Jerry B. »

I like the Exhibition Junior reproducer. Thanks, Jerry Blais

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Re: Featured Phonograph № 49

Post by JohnM »

I like that they are possibly/probably named after Victor executive and Eldridge Johnson's best friend, Belford G. Royal. Any comments on Mr. Royal, George (or anyone)?
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Re: Featured Phonograph № 49

Post by bbphonoguy »

A very pretty and fascinating machine. Thanks for posting!

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Re: Featured Phonograph № 49

Post by Valecnik »

A very nice R. Thanks for posting. I have one in equally good condition except mine has the brass bell horn. Actually I prefer the zinc black horn though. Which is earlier? I'd be interested in hearing which others prefer too.

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Re: Featured Phonograph № 49

Post by WDC »

What a great machine, securing the record onto the turntable has really its appearance.

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