Edison Amberola VIII instruction booklet - pdf

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Edison Amberola VIII instruction booklet - pdf

Post by PeterF »

Here is a pdf of the early teens instruction manual for the quaint amalgam briefly marketed by Edison as the Amberola VIII. It is for you to use as you see fit; I provide it as a curiosity and primarily for content over form, in that I did crop and clean up the images but not at the level of quality one would need to create a printed reproduction of the booklet.

After all, the good people at Edison took considerable trouble to compile its very comprehensive set of Instructions...and deigned to esteem it a great favor if we were to follow them carefully.

"Do not lose this Booklet; you may want it badly some time"

(The author sounds like somebody's mom, nu?)
Edison Amberola VIII Manual.pdf
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Re: Edison Amberola VIII instruction booklet - pdf

Post by tomb »

thanks I needed one for my VIII. I will go thru it tomorrow to correct any errors I am making.+ Probably none but it is better to safe. Tom

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Re: Edison Amberola VIII instruction booklet - pdf

Post by fran604g »

Thank you for sharing, Peter.

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