Dreams about antique phonographs and records!

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Re: Dreams about antique phonographs and records!

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My latest antique phonograph dream: Apparently I found out that I left a brown wax record on a machine for too long that the record stuck and melted to the mandrel. I remember feeling quite upset at myself for leaving a record on too long. But later I was given two brown wax records…
Thank goodness that was a dream!

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Re: Dreams about antique phonographs and records!

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I have had another; perhaps it was reading Andy's posting that prompted it. In it I had travelled to a town near my home to attend a choir rehearsal. The venue for the event had a car-park attached, and as I drove up to what I took to be the entrance a man in the street, whose manner suggested some kind of official, told me that I was not allowed to use that entrance but must drive a little further on. The next thing I remember was looking for the the place to pay the parking fee. This was indoors, in a large, bleak and rather decrepit room where several other people were already waiting to do likewise; we could get no further, however, because there was no automatic ticket-machine and nobody in attendance. Presently, in came a party of some dozens of people of all ages, who must have arrived in a coach. The room was now overcrowded and it occurred to me that the man I had met in the road must be the the car-park attendant, and so I set out to find him. As I was about to leave the building I discovered that the newly-arrived group had brought some old records which they had laid out on the floor. These were twelve-inch discs whose appearance suggested a very early date, and they had two unusual features. One was that each record was stamped with lettering rather like that found on the backs of Gramophone & Typewriter and early H.M.V. single-sided records – the word GRAMOPHONE, written twice in very tall narrow letters arranged in a circle – with the difference that this motif was placed in the otherwise blank area between the label and the end of the groove, rather than on the back of the disc. The other was that the black labels were completely blank in the upper half, with lettering in gold only below the hole. I looked closely at one of them and found the words The Creation of the World, with several lines of what I recognised as Hebrew below. Presumably these were early recordings of synagogue chants, and I wondered if they were for sale; but before I could either follow this up or trace the truant park-keeper, I awoke.

Oliver Mundy.

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Re: Dreams about antique phonographs and records!

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I've had a few.
One a while back, I found an enormous HMV machine and was fascinated by the soundbox as it was about the diameter of a CD and built like a tank. Couldn't understand how the record could cope with the weight

More recently I dreamed I was in a restaurant but the items on the menu were all gramophone parts. The lady in front of me ordered the exact same tonearm/ soundbox combination I was going for, and when I ordered the waiter said he would have to check if they had another in stock
We all spoke different languages too which complicated the situation!


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