Techmoan reviews a Mikiphone replica

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Techmoan reviews a Mikiphone replica

Post by AmberolaAndy »

One of my favorite tech youtubers finally touches on something from the acoustic era (sort of). A Mikiphone crapophone. I didn’t even know India made reproductions of these.

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Re: Techmoan reviews a Mikiphone replica

Post by AZ* »

Thanks for sharing. While I own an original Mikiphone (and a Mikkyphone too), I had seen these Indian repros on ebay and wondered about them. Techmoan confirmed my suspicions. Just another crudely made crapophone. :cow:
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Re: Techmoan reviews a Mikiphone replica

Post by Curt A »

That Indian Mikiphone makes me suspicious of any real Mikiphones that sell for more than $150... If you aged one of the repros, it would probably fool a lot of buyers...
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