Cheney Instruction Manual c. 1923

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Cheney Instruction Manual c. 1923

Post by marcapra »

I acquired a rare Cheney Instruction Manual from 1923. This was the manual that would have come with a new Cheney phonograph. They were only in business for two more years before going out of business upon the death of the founder, Forrest Cheney. I've noticed there are several new owners of Cheneys, so I thought I would share my owner's manual with them. The print will be much easier to read if you click on each picture to enlarge and focus it.
Cheney manual.jpeg
Cheney manual 1.jpeg
Cheney manual 2.jpeg
Cheney manual 3.jpeg
Cheney manual 4.jpeg

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Re: Cheney Instruction Manual c. 1923

Post by gramophoneshane »

Although I don't own a Cheney, it's an interesting read.
I wonder if it can be added to the "directions and manuals" part of the archives for easy future reference?

Thanks for posting.

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