Question on Edison Opera

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Pete Stratford
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Question on Edison Opera

Post by Pete Stratford »

For years now I have been putting up with a problem with my Opera. When playing cylinders I get a slight
but annoying waver in the sound. I year ago I replaced the flutter spring In the fly wheel thinking that was the
problem. It made no difference. Everything was oiled properly and the governor was balanced, still no difference.
Today I took another look at it and found the problem. The fly wheel is touching the casting next to it as if makes it’s
revolution. I put a small amount of oil on the outside edge of the fly wheel so it will slide by the casting. This solved
the problem and it now play perfectly. The permanent solution would be to move the fly wheel a little further along it’s
shaft but I don’t see any way of doing this???


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Re: Question on Edison Opera

Post by JerryVan »

Try loosening the screw that shows in the photo and sliding over the bearing just a bit. There should also be a bearing on the other side, out of the frame of the photo. Move it as well to take up the side play added by moving the first bearing. Mind you, this is just an idea and not something I've done.

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Re: Question on Edison Opera

Post by Phono-Phan »

If you are able to get the flywheel off, is it possible to install a thin shim washer?

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