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Re: Board Upgrade

Post by Raphael »

Yes, we all appreciate this Forum, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Let’s all step up and help David, who has considerable time and expenses invested in this project. There’s a DONATION button below, in a few short seconds you can help keep the Forum running for another year.


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Re: Board Upgrade

Post by Inigo »

Thanks, David. I add my humble support.
Particularly I've been using the blue background, for I mostly visit there forum in my mobile phone, and this way I read it much clearer, so this change is not so hard to me... ;-)

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Re: Board Upgrade

Post by Orchorsol »

emgcr wrote: Tue Jan 26, 2021 7:25 am Thank you very much for all your efforts David which are greatly appreciated.

I would just like to mention that if it is possible to revert to the old green background presentation style I, for one, should be thrilled. It was always a complete joy---and an important part of our quality of life---to log-on to such a clear, well organised and beautiful site especially with the ability to accentuate text with different colours easily etc etc. It was always so much better than most other websites and it would be an enormous pity to lose this aspect. I hope it is not too difficult to revert to ?

All best wishes,

Huge appreciation and thanks from me too David.

Just a fine-tuning comment and relatively minor, but may I just echo Graham's request - the new colours are less harmonious and welcoming, and have resulted in poorer contrast and greater difficulty reading - I would welcome a return to the previous scheme if possible please.
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Re: Board Upgrade

Post by VanEpsFan1914 »

Thanks to David @Mordeth and the old forum is still alive--this is the software the Model T Ford forum uses, looks like. And what a blessing it is for the hobby--this website is basically the open-source archive for phonograph collectors and troubleshooters, not to mention a hangout for good friends. THANK YOU for saving it.

The green background & classic fonts from the forum's old theme were better suited for our discussions here, though. I understand the old theme will take some doings to rework but the bright white background and blue headings is guaranteed eyestrain. It's very hard to read and instead of "looking" at the TMF I'll have to be referring to "squinting" at it in the future.

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Re: Board Upgrade

Post by fran604g »

I'll just throw my $.02 into the arena and say I haven't had any trouble quickly acclimating to this new platform. I actually think it might be easier to navigate (for me, YMMV).

Keep up the good work, David.

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Re: Board Upgrade

Post by phonosandradios »

Yes, thanks David I know we all greatly appreciate it as you dropped other things to deal with this and then stayed up all night to do the update. I hope you're able to make the old theme work with the software update though as typing this makes me feel like i'm typing it on a computer in the 90's... :geek: :lol:
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Re: Board Upgrade

Post by pianolist »

Light blue is not a good color for aged eyes. This seems much more faint and difficult to read. The font needs to be bolder I’d nothing else. The age of most of the readers needs to be factored into color and font selection. This really is almost painful to squint to read.

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Re: Board Upgrade

Post by Curt A »

David, thanks for the update... like anything else, ask 40 people and get 40 different opinions.

I like the new layout, sans serif fonts are known to be easier to read than the same size serif fonts. As far as readability for older viewers (me included) you might consider a larger font size of 14 points or a relative font that can be adjusted by each user, if possible. I always use 2.5 generic reading glasses to view anything on the computer, so type size is not that big of an issue for me. Black is obviously the best contrast, so no complaints there. Overall, this is a nice update and is easy to adjust to.
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Re: Board Upgrade

Post by OrthoFan »

I've no problem with the "blue theme," but agree with others that the default font size could be a bit larger.

Also, would it be possible to include direct jumps on the main page for "view new posts" and "view your posts," as it was with the other format? I found them both under the "Quick Links" hamburger menu, but having clicked the direct links on the old forum for years, I miss doing it by rote.

As always, many thanks for the time and trouble you invest in keeping this forum running.

(David Spanovich)

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Re: Board Upgrade

Post by JerryVan »

Thanks for getting the forum up & running so quickly! Great job!!

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