Edison C-1 Radio Cabinet (cabinet only)

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Re: Edison C-1 Radio Cabinet (cabinet only)

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need4art wrote: Fri Apr 02, 2021 5:27 pm Hi Susan,
I have the entire works from a C-2 and I believe that the turntable and tone arm are the same. What I do not know is if the radio from that unit will work and what other wood parts would need to be fabricated to make it work. In addition I do not know what type of speaker it used. The cabinet looks in pretty good overall condition, what shape are the doors in closed.
I just don't have enough information to be able top make a judgement call at this point but I know that others on the forum might be able to help.

While this might be a daunting project the rarity of the unit might make it worthwhile
What part of the U.S. are you located in ?

Hello Abe,

The c-2 uses 2 loudspeakers- mounted one above the other, mounted on the same board- located midway down in the lower half of the cabinet. 2 cleats mounted on the cabinet walls. The receiver has the same control layout on both receivers. A major difference, besides the 2 speakers. is that the C-1 has a much bigger power amplifier and power supply that sits on the floor of the cabinet. You will have at least one correct of the 2 speakers that the C-1 uses . The Peerless speakers use a single turn voice coil. Very unusual design.
The c-1 has a square frame that holds a copper screen that was meant to prevent touching the power supply. And a wood framework with holes and cutouts that was meant to cover the back of radio and phonograph spaces. The c-2 used a screened frame to provide ventilation for the power tubes located on that chassis.
I only mention the speaker, power supplies and amplifier so you'll know the differences. Not that it won't work.
The phonograph uses the same layout, But I don't think the mounting board is the same size.
The radio chassis is the same size - but has fewer components on it by way of the design of the floor mounted amplifier/ power supply.

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Re: Edison C-1 Radio Cabinet (cabinet only)

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pallophotophone -

How funny, I never even noticed it before! It's 45. Picture attached.


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Re: Edison C-1 Radio Cabinet (cabinet only)

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The serial number of the C-1 is on the power amplifier chassis, SC - 4 digits starting with 1001, the highest so far is SC-1143.
The number on the cabinet is just a cabinet makers number they stamp in the wood parts.

The motor board from a C-2 won't fit in the C-1, motor, tonearm and pickup are the same. The C-1 radio chassis only has the RF & detector circuits, amplifier and PS in the lower
section of the cabinet. A C-2, R-1 or R-2 radio will fit in the cabinet.

You could make a "poorman's" C-1 from the parts of a C-2. If you didn't look in the back of this mockup no one would know the difference. The difference in audio between my
C-1 and the C-2's I have is negligible.


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Re: Edison C-1 Radio Cabinet (cabinet only)

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Hey Chuck!

Thanks for the info! Even though we're not collectors, learning about all of this is really fun. Super interesting!


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