Edison B-60 Motor

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Edison B-60 Motor

Post by Jwb88 »

I'm about to tackle this Edison B-60 motor. I believe it's the early belt driven motor which I've heard is less reliable than the later one.

Can anyone tell me the best way to disassemble this and remove the spring barrel? Any tips?

Currently it runs well when fully wound but is having trouble making it through to the end of a long record. It also starts intermittently slowing/speeding up as it runs down with no load on the motor. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance for any help or comments.
I overhauled an Edison A-80 about a decade ago but I've forgotten about most of it--other than I didn't like it.

PS: note the belt tensioner spring replacement. This may have been worked on before.

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Re: Edison B-60 Motor

Post by CarlosV »

Both rods that guide the belt have what I believe it is a cork thin sheet. I had the same problem you refer on my B80, and I lightly sanded the rod cork surface - and the inner belt side - with a fine grain sandpaper. That solved the speed variation problem. But this motor is underpowered, I have to fully wind it to play a whole side of a diamond disc. I never tried to replace its spring, though, mine still has the original and I avoid working these Edison springs unless absolutely necessary, they are quite deadly. Hope it helps.

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