WANTED: Cylinder Reamer

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WANTED: Cylinder Reamer

Post by zapper »

Hi All
Has anyone in the UK got a spare cylinder reamer willing to sell. I have a few Blue Amberols which do not fit on the mandrel.
Regards Brian (zapper)

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Re: WANTED: Cylinder Reamer

Post by epigramophone »

You may have discovered, as I did, that all the reamers for sale on eBay are in the USA, and that their sellers do not post to the UK.
I had to wait until someone I knew was visiting the USA. I bought the reamer and had it delivered to the address where he was staying. He then brought it back to the UK in his hand luggage.

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Re: WANTED: Cylinder Reamer

Post by jamiegramo »

I had this problem too so I removed a mandrel from a phonograph and using a lathe a local woodworker copied it. It has extra length to act as handle. I then stuck strips of heavy duty abrasive paper along the length. Strips from a power sander belt will last a long time. You could even use a mandrel spare part.

He refused to charge me! Why? Just after world war 2 his brother bought a large house that needed clearing. One room was as enormous library of cylinder records which he helped his brother clear and destroy. A lot of work. They considered them obsolete at the time but he always felt guilty about it so wouldn’t charge me for this cylinder record project.

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Re: WANTED: Cylinder Reamer

Post by Inigo »

Marvelous... and horrible!!! I've listened to similar stories about 78rpm dealers clearing houses with full libraries of them... too much for my imagination. I get sick every time I think of those...
It's the passing of times and things... unavoidable destruction...

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