WANTED: Plano reflex tone arm for columbia 156A

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WANTED: Plano reflex tone arm for columbia 156A

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I am looking for a plano reflex tone arm for my columbia 156A which has been damaged. The tone arm is the larger type and below is a photo with the measurement I am looking for. Between the crook of the tone arm and the back of the tone arm this distance needs to measure approximately 16.5cm. I have indicated with lines on the photo where this measurement starts and finishes.

I have bought another tone arm only to discover that it is too short. The crook on all this type of tone arm is the same size and it is the part to the rear indicated between the red lines that differs in length. If you think you have one of these with the part indicated measuring 16.5cm then please contact me as I would be happy to buy it from you.
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