For Sale: Simpsons electric turntable

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For Sale: Simpsons electric turntable

Post by kirtley2012 »

Now these don't turn up every day

These are strange and interesting motors, very simple too with only one moving part, that part being the turntable itself.
They were offered as an accessory, a way to convert any gramophone to electric power with no or very little modification, the stator being secured to the deck board by the single large center screw, which could fit through the spindle hole in a regular deckboard, the cable then ran through the winding hole, I believe some EMG's were fitted with Simpsons turntables from new.

These motors run strong and quiet, they must be spun to get started and once going they will keep a steady (slightly over) 78rpm, there is no speed control,the speed of the turntable is dictated by the mains frequency, but since these motors must be spun to get started, they can be spun backwards and it will run a steady (slightly over) 78rpm IN REVERSE!

A word of recommendation, it is worth while wiring in a small light in series with the motor, as if power is fed to the motor while not moving this will cause the stator coils to overheat and burn out.

Runs on 200-250v at 50hz, it has been tested and it ran perfectly, very quiet and strong running, i believe it is possible to run these on other frequencies and voltages with use of a step up transformer and one of those fan speed controls which varies speed by frequency, I've not tried this though so don't hold me to it.

This one is in very good nick, very clean, and a good runner.
Asking £200 plus postage, or trade me something! I wouldnt mind a columbia B Eagle or a Q, or an open horn (back bracket type) gramophone project, I'm addicted to fixer uppers it seems, if you're a fellow guitar addict, vintage guitar parts often come in handy like Bigsby's, half decent but broken guitars! I'm easily tempted.

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