SOLD: HMV 101 in blue crocodile finish

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SOLD: HMV 101 in blue crocodile finish

Post by neilmack »

I bought this as a project, but having little (truthfully - no) renovation skills, I thought I'd move it on.

The case is sound and solid. I can't see any woodworm. The rexine is mostly complete, sound, and clean. There are a couple of small losses – I’ve photgraphed the worst. The blue rexine is still present on the handle, but split across the middle. I'm guessing that could be repaired. The rexine on the motor board looks a bit mucky, but is complete.

The blue felt on the platter is good. The nickel plating is generally ok, but somewhat dull. The No. 4 sound box needs a service, and a new mica. This machine is presumably an early model - there's no auto brake, just a manual one, and the closure/lock is of a pattern I've not seen on another 101. Sadly the spring holders for the winder which sit on the motor board are snapped off. The motor works, but is weak, and I am assuming will need a service. The needle tray has a dent.

There's definitely some work needed, but I reckon it's worth it, as HMV hunted the blue crocodile almost to extinction. 😀
DSC_1756 blue.jpg
DSC_1755 blue.jpg
DSC_1753 blue.jpg
DSC_1751 blue.jpg
DSC_1749 blue.jpg
DSC_1746 blue.jpg
DSC_1744 blue.jpg
DSC_1742 blue.jpg
DSC_1740 blue.jpg
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Re: For Sale: HMV 101 in blue crocodile finish

Post by Inigo »

The crank metal holders snapped off are common in these machines. I read somewhere that their position was not well designed, and that's why it is commonly found snapped, aat least one of the couple.
the no4 soundbox seems to be full brass, that's a plus! No cracks in the ring nor in the back neck, and the wording in the back unveils a brass background.
Nice machine.
How much are you asking for it?

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Re: SOLD: HMV 101 in blue crocodile finish

Post by Garret »

What was the sale price?

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Re: SOLD: HMV 101 in blue crocodile finish

Post by poodling around »

Beautiful item.

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