Last Living 78 RPM only Artist

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Re: Last Living 78 RPM only Artist

Post by gramophoneshane »

Governor Flyball wrote: It looks like the era has passed with hardly a whimper.
I think there's probably some around, but I think you'd be looking for one hit wonders or lesser recording artists?

Most of the popular big names with career's before 1948 who were young enough then to still be alive, were probably ask to record something for the new microgroove format if the record companies thought there was a chance to sell more records.

Perhaps a child star from the 1940's?
I thought maybe Bobby Breen might be alive but we lost him in 2016.

Be much easier to compile a list of pre 1959 78rpm era only stars still alive, and I think that would be quite a long list.
I think the last on that list in years to come might be Gayla Peevey, at currently 77 yrs young,
Even Patience and Prudence made a couple recordings in the early 60's, and Brenda Lee of course had a pretty significant career throughout the 1960's.
However Gayla's last recording was in 1958.

Another artist who made her last recording, again in 1958, was the gorgeous Jane Powell.
And I must say, she's still as sexy as ever at 91.
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Re: Last Living 78 RPM only Artist

Post by OrthoFan »

If this list is not restricted to soloists, I spotted one member of a famous orchestra, still living, that recorded at the time that only 78s were recorded and pressed:

Ray Anthony --
Also: ... nthony_Ray

This is iffy, but Petula Clark's first record for Columbia, "Put Your Shoes On, Lucy" ( ) was released in 1949, which would have been before Columbia licensed the 45 rpm format, developed by RCA Victor that year for single hit pressings.

Also see:

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Re: Last Living 78 RPM only Artist

Post by Wolfe »

I had no idea Ray Anthony was still around.

Drummer Roy Haynes would just paradiddle himself into the 78 only era too.
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Re: Last Living 78 RPM only Artist

Post by chunnybh »

Not 78rpm Only Artists

Baby Washington is still alive. Recorded The Bells in 1959 on Neptune records.
Here is an excellent site on late 78's.

Quite scary really. I've seen a few of them performing live.
Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry and the Everly Brothers.

Did The Beatles not have some 78's released in India up until 1968?
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Re: Last Living 78 RPM only Artist

Post by CarlosV »

Tony Bennet

He began recording after the war, his first records were 78s. Not only still alive, but singing quite well!
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