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'Londonderry hornpipe'--Ennis, Morrison and Muller (1923).

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2009 2:30 am
by Viva-Tonal
Bagpipes are typically associated with traditional Scottish music, or so I understood, when I found this disc at an antique shop in 1977. Irish bagpipes? I had to hear what this was about, hence my getting this record. One thing I notice is the apparent lack of drone pipes.

This is a trio of Irish bagpipes, violin and piano, recorded acoustically for Columbia on 2 February 1923. It's one of those 'New Process' quality laminated pressings. I suspect they didn't have a new numerical series for so-called ethnic recordings established when this record was released. This is on 35-D, early in the new domestic popular series (which started at 1-D) introduced after the earlier A series reached A-4001 that year. The label is the short-lived 'flag' label used by Columbia between the introduction of the D series and the summer of 1925, just after one or two electric items were issued.

Transferred at 78 rpm. Click on the label!