The (very exclusive) 16 RPM Club.

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Re: The (very exclusive) 16 RPM Club.

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I hadn't noticed this thread before but have today read it with interest as I have a number of 16rpm records - all seeburg ones for their background music machines. I don't have any commercially released disks with music on although they do exist as noted earlier. Although the seeburg disks are all mono - apparently the narrowness of the groove necessary to squeeze 45 mins onto a 9 inch disk did not allow for a 45 / 45 groove cut - the fidelity IS surprisingly good. I recently played one for a friend and he was amazed at the quality of the music recordings played back from a disk turning at such a tantalisingly slow speed.

I have posted the link below in the "parlor" section of the forum last year but have repeated it here to demonstrate the point on sound quality. The only issue I have is the "blandness" of the music best described as "middle of the road easy listening" :lol: . Mind rotting indeed if you listen to it for too long!!

I would add that all seeburg disks I have come across have a background hum that can be heard before the music starts and between tracks. Why they all have this I have no idea but I have yet to come across one that doesn't have it. Its not due to my transfer process :)
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Re: The (very exclusive) 16 RPM Club.

Post by AmberolaAndy »

A few weeks ago I found the 2nd set of 16rpm records I’ve ever found (the first being an audiobook of the Bible) this one being an audiobook of “No Time For Sergeants”

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