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Re: Meteor records

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Zenger wrote: Wed Nov 10, 2021 8:32 pm
I still can't get over that "reverse side" listing -- what a great idea! Do you think anyone else ever did that?
Several German labels showed the reverse side title in smaller letters, Telefunken being one of them.

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Re: Meteor records

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vintagetenor wrote: Thu Nov 11, 2021 9:03 am I just took another look at the Meteor page on the Online 78 rpm Discographical Project site. It seems that their 1100 series was used for vocal recordings and the 1200 series for dance music.

To the best of my recollection, I have never seen an example of the 1200 series.
Well, a day late but perhaps less than a dollar short, here you go then: Meteor 1202. Hardly dance music, though; violinist Vera Barstow plays Drdla's "Souvenir" on one side and the "Berceuse" from Godard's Jocelyn on the other.

Oddly, this same record appeared as Arto 3048. (I confirmed that they are identical by simultaneous play.) Did Meteor license it from Arto? Or vice-versa? Or did both license it from the same third party source? I have no idea. Arto stamped a "2A" largely obliterating the matrix number on both sides, but it's clearly readable on the Meteor: side A, "Souvenir," is 41013, and side B, "Berceuse," is 41014.

[Edit] I just had a look at Discogs, and it seems the same record was also on the Globe ... UxMDA1NzE= and Mandel ... Q0MjI5MjU= labels. I see that a Barstow account of "Souvenir" was on Lyric, and although the matrix number doesn't match it is of the same form; perhaps the Meteor/Arto/Globe/Mandel issues originated as Lyraphone recordings?

[further edit] Aha! Some potentially pertinent information: ... iqua-ohio/
Meteor 1202A.JPG
Meteor 1202B.JPG
Arto 3048-A.JPG
Arto 3048-B.JPG

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Re: Meteor records

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The dimple around the spindle hole looks like a Gennett pressing. They pressed lots of records for various private labels.

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