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Featured Phonographs—Columbia [2020-01-22]
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Author:  HisMastersVoice [ Tue Mar 31, 2009 2:05 am ]
Post subject:  Featured Phonographs—Columbia [2020-01-22]

Featured Phonographs


47ImageBell TainterPerfected Ktinker2010-02-02
89ImageColumbia"BGT ""New Sovereign"""Valecnik2013-08-08
43ImageColumbiaBS Coin-opColoradoPhonograf2009-12-08
67ImageColumbiaGrafonola Console Model 239alang2010-10-05
11ImageColumbia"Graphophone AB (""MacDonald"")"solophoneman2009-03-30
22ImageColumbia"Graphophone B (""Eagle"")"Brad2009-06-14
74ImageColumbiaPeriod Grafonola - Adam (P-3)schweg2011-09-04
23ImageColumbiaViva-tonal portable phonograph 160beaumonde2009-06-21
110ImageColumbiaHG (Home Grand)ChuckA2014-12-13
111ImageColumbiaModel A / Grand CabinetChuckA2014-12-16
123ImageColumbiaViva-Tonal G-50GrafonolaG502015-11-22
125ImageColumbiaGrafonola 350Phono-Phan2016/07/05
135ImageColumbiaSmall Gothic P 26melvind2018/03/06
136ImageColumbiaRegent Desk or Library Table model - special order one of a kind - Circassian Walnutmelvind2018/03/08
142ImageColumbiaBI SterlingDjango2018/12/02
144ImageColumbiaBII Improved SterlingDjango2018/12/02
148ImageColumbiaColumbia Eagle in Exhibitor CaseTinfoilPhono2020/01/04

Note: Use the links above (with the exception of the Owner column) to view the thread where the particular machine was featured (and to discuss it there).

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