How to post a Featured Phonograph FAQ

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How to post a Featured Phonograph FAQ

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What is a Featured Phonograph?
A machine presented by a member to the rest of the forum. It is a great way to share interesting machines with our fellow collectors. It is also a great way to create a treasure trove of information for all to enjoy. Our Archive section already contains over 100 Featured Phonographs including many truly unique and rare machines.

Who can post a Featured Phonograph?
Everyone on the TMF.

Where should I post a Featured Phonograph?
In the Machines section of the forum.

Does my machine have to be very rare or expensive to qualify as Featured Phonograph?
No. Previously posted Featured Phonographs include everything from very common to extremely rare machines. A Featured Phonograph should be interesting or special. Please check the Archives section for previous Featured Phonographs to see if your model phonograph has already been presented before. We don't want lists of all the same machines. Exceptions are special finishes, wood types, or other interesting variations (Vernis Martin, Circassian Walnut, Polyphone Attachment, etc).

Does my phonograph have to be in museum quality or mint condition to qualify?
No. All these machines are about 80-120 years old and some show their age more than others.

Is there a specific template or format that should be used?
For your post please use the subject line "Featured Phonograph № xx - phonograph model" where xx = the next number in line and "phonograph model" is the model of phonograph you are presenting. Check the most recent date(s) on the posts in the Archive section to find out what the next number is. Please copy the following basic template to present your information.

Serial #:
Year(s) Made:
Original Cost:
Case/Cabinet Size:
Horn Dimensions:
Reproduction Parts:
Current Value:
Interesting Facts:

How do I best present my Featured Phonograph?
Remember that this is your chance to present your special machine to the worldwide collector community. You want to show it like you would in your living room, clean and beautiful, not dirty as found in an old barn. The best posts have solid information (as much as available) and lots of good clear pictures from all sides including the motor. People also love clear pictures of any unusual details, dealer tags, paper labels, decals, ephemera, original accessories, things that came with the phonograph, etc. The better your post, the more interest and additional information you will get. You can also look at all the previous featured phonographs to get ideas how to best present your machine.