Phonograph related Research Topics [2021/03/03]

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Phonograph related Research Topics [2021/03/03]

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Phonograph related Research Topics

Researchers provide great value to our hobby. They spend a lot of time collecting and organizing phonograph related information and they depend on input from other collectors. Unfortunately these research topics and questionnaires get buried over time in the forum and become hard to find, so here are direct links for your convenience. Please consider participating if you have relevant information to share.

Edison Phonograph
Edison Spring Motor/Triumph Questionnaire
Do You Own a Triumph Numbered Between 35613 and 35974?
Model A Triumph Question
The Edison Standard Data Project
Amberola V Registry is Ready for YOUR data!
Edison Opera Database

Edison Diamond Disc
A and B 250 Database Project
C250/C19 Database project
A question for EARLY C250 owners
Edison "shock proof" Governor used on C-250's
Edisonic and Long Playing Consoles Survey
Edison Diamond Disc Phono cabinet factory sticker survey
Inventory of Beethoven and Schubert Edisonic phonographs
LATE Edison DD Phono knobs questionnaire

Exhibition Reproducer Serial Numbers (Not sure if anyone is actively researching this, but still think the collected information is valuable and might actually trigger someone picking this up)
Seeking info on original 6 vol. album sets for Electrolas

Berliner Trademark Evolution Question
"Trademark" Berliner survey

Columbia Grand Questionaires
Type B ("Eagle") Graphophone Research
“Q” Graphophone Questionnaire

European Machines
French Ideal Machine Discography / Machine Listing
EMG Register to assist dating and EMG/Expert synopsis.

Brunswick Phonograph Database Project
Diaphragm thicknesses as a reference

Thank you!