Featured Phonographs—The Gramophone Co. (HMV) [2013-10-28]

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Featured Phonographs—The Gramophone Co. (HMV) [2013-10-28]

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Featured Phonographs

The Gramophone Co. (HMV)

2ImageThe Gramophone Company/HMV127b522009-01-11
42ImageThe Gramophone Company/HMVHMV Model Bungalowgramophoneshane2009-11-30
73ImageThe Gramophone Company/HMVHornlesss Model No. 1a (L.B.D.M.)alang2010-12-20
6ImageThe Gramophone Company/HMVNew Style No. 3Steve2009-02-22
13ImageThe Gramophone Company/HMVTable Grandrichardh2009-04-11
65ImageDeutsche Grammophon AG (DGAG)Gibson-Automat No. 1Starkton2010-09-06
68ImageDeutsche Grammophon AG (DGAG)Salon-Apparat De LuxStarkton2010-10-15
Note: Use the links above (with the exception of the Owner column) to view the thread where the particular machine was featured (and to discuss it there).